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Welcome to Nail Salon™ guide. In this guide, We will show you how to get unlimited premium game resources for free. Many people are looking for game resources like free coins, gems or remove ads and unlock almost anything for any games. 

This guide is dedicated to Nail Salon™.

So, let’s get started:


**Want to have a manicure? Come on, Spice up your nails with our new app, Nail Salon!**

Create your very own manicure designs in Nail Salon. You could paint on different skin color,choose from loads of polish color collections to custom paint gorgeous nails, choose from absolutely tons of sparkling rhinestones, crystals, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, stickers, patterns, fimo, resin and much much more to decorate your nails, and you are welcome to choose the customized nails from Salon as well.

Take a photo with your nails as our cover girl.
Share your happiness in Nail salon with your friends, and you may also bring your favored creation to a manicurist!
6 millions of collections and most plentiful colors available to make all your ideas come true!

– Various backgrounds available to switch
– Four different skin tones
– 12 nail shapes
– 35+ rings
– 50+ customized nails series
– Plentiful nail polish colors to choose
– 40+ Nail Patterns
– Sparkling Crystals, Diamonds, and Gemstones to decorate
– Gorgeous Gem alloy
– Cute Fimo & Resin
– Design each finger differently or simply apply one design to all fingers.
– Share your designs easily over Facebook or E-mail with one click
– Take a photo with your nail design as a Cover Girl!

Share them with us by email, website or facebook
Please report them and they will be fixed shortly!
Drop us a line and we’ll try to help out.

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After reading this guide, You will be able to get following resources:

  • FREE Full Package (Unlock Everything & Remove Ads!)
  • FREE Nail Patterns
  • FREE Nail Sticker
  • FREE Gems & Pearls
  • FREE French semi-stickers
  • FREE Gem alloy
  • FREE Rings Package
  • FREE Fimo & Resin
  • FREE Backgrounds Package

How To Use

To get the Nail Salon™ game resources for free, follow the steps below carefully :

Step 1 : Click the hack now button below to access our generator tool.

Step 2: Then, Enter your username or email.

Step 3: Select game resources or offer packs and submit

Step 4: Wait for our server to generate the game resources for free

Step 5: If you see “Verification” page, that means it’s working. Complete the quick verification

Step 6: If you don’t see “Verification” page, then reload the page and start again.

Step 7: Once you complete these simple steps, Open the app and see the generated resources on your account.

In-App Purchases (Free)

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