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Fate doesn’t make a hero — you must grab your blade and become one yourself!

Forge your destiny in Iron Blade; a thrilling action RPG set in a medieval Europe filled with monsters and magic. Explore a world brought to life with console-quality graphics as the innovative — yet easy-to-learn — combat system throws you into one heart-pounding battle after another!

Collect amazing weapons, explore breathtaking real-world locations and test your skills against millions of other players, as you build your own domain and engage in exciting PvP challenges.


– A demonic army approaches! Soon, they will devour all of humanity unless you can fulfill the prophecy and seal them away for good.
– Unravel a plot full of intrigue and bitter betrayal as you fight through the challenging story missions.
– Explore a world rich in lore and set in a fantastic alternate-reality Europe, full of legendary warriors and arcane mysteries.
– Your adventure will take you through many awe-inspiring locations, from fighting off demon knights in Notre Dame to banishing vampires in Transylvania.

– Everyone can enjoy the deep and thrilling combat controls, which were specially designed for mobile and allow you to smoothly perform amazing chains of attacks against numerous enemies.
– Develop your own fighting style by linking up taps and swipes to perform monster-crushing combos.
– Face a fearsome variety of foes from vampires to undead soldiers, each brought to life with amazing graphics, animations and combat abilities.
– Unleash deadly special attacks and finishing moves that deliver a grisly end to any who dare challenge you.

– Collect a massive selection of weapons and armor along your adventure.
– Upgrade your gear to customize your combat strengths and style.
– Unleash devastating spells and skills on your foes.

– Establish your own domain that you can fortify with a castle.
– Acquire and upgrade castle defenders to protect your domain and its resources while you’re away.
– Raid other players’ castles to crush their defenses and loot their most valuable resources for yourself!


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