Research Says “7 Out of 10 Smartphones available in US are made in China”.

Most of us are aware of the on-going US-China trade war and it might have impacted the China’s smartphone market in the United States.

But at the moment, around 70% of smartphones shipped in Q2 to the United States were manufactured in China.

And the reason behind many people shifting to China’s devices may be due to the China originated virus COVID-19’s impact.


Well, Chinese smartphone brands are popular for affordability and featured packed phones.

And people are hugely impacted by the COVID-19 as many of us has lost job and we have to rely on our saving and spend it wisely.

So, instead of going for expensive brands like Apple, people are switching to affordable and reliable Chinese brands.

No wonder, these Chinese brands are giving a tough competition to biggies in the smartphone industry.

And the reason is simple: Affordable featured packed phone.

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